Resentment brings pain...!!

There are dozens of folks with us, whom we consider as our pals but deep within we know that they are the ones on whom we will never count on..not even in the case of slightest glitches, forget about the dark times of miseries..!! Yet, at some point of time, when they don't live up to our expectations, why do we feel nettled then??
In the past nineteen years of my life, i made ample of "friends"; and with the passing years, friends came n friends went but only a few could leave a lasting impression on the heart. I don't know how but i had envisaged quite early in my life (as i can say) that the only reason why we get miffed with someone is when we expect them to do something for us.
Lately, an incident took place that put one of my friends in a snit. I tried my level best to placate, but all in vain, coz nothing i said seemed to pacify. It just reminded me of a numerous other incidents where people got furious on discovering that the things were not being done their way. Getting angry is human, but what people fail to learn is NOT to keep grudges.
Yeah, now getting back to my life, as i was talking about; in my early teens, when i started to face the harsh realities of life wherein your friends ditch, get jealous and might even plot against you (in the worst conditions though), it came up as a huge blow to me at that tender age. Anything of this sort would fume me up and i would lay tormented for the rest of the day.
Call it perceptiveness or insight, but this came to my rescue (and i thank god with all my heart for blessing me with this).I had learnt my lesson that my distress would harm no one, but me, and it would do no good in changing the other person who caused the agony.On that very day a transition had started which took two complete years to make me the person i am now. I stay happier and more cheerful as i expect nothing from anyone. Now, nobody (however hard he may try) can hurt me. Although i need to confess that at times, some incidents do cause discomfort, but then, they ain't so powerful as to last longer than a while. Each night, i dump my grudges and start my next day afresh. So even when a person who said (or did) something that made me feel offended the last day, meets me, i greet him with a pleasant smile (and trust me, it is from the heart and i hold no bitterness for him)
Now, with no resentment against anyone, i feel lighter and more exultant. It was this experience (and aphorism) i wanted to share with my friend that day but it was the anger that i could see on the face, which stopped me. I have no clue, if anyone reading this post (though the case arises, only if someone reads it...lolzz) agrees to my point of view, but all i wanna say is, holding no rancor against anyone makes me a more contented person altogether..

Mystified thoughts

The easier it seems...the more intricate it actually is...
hmmm...i think that's what life is...mysterious...n yet unfolding some hidden truths in its own unusual ways...
there is a time when you think that you are being deprived of what you deserve the most...n yet a little later...the realization that it would only have been worse had it been that way as we wanted.. makes us feel blissful...

ain't it strange that each n every time we are in a dilemma...the SUPREME power bestows us with the best possible solution and still we grumble...and are able to appreciate only when those curtains which exclude the light, are raised...??

i find that lacking contentment....that subtle desire of being able to achieve all that we aspire to..(although at times we are so unsure as to what we actually long for..)
there is boundless happiness all around...nonetheless some kinda gloom plagues one knows from where it comes...or what it does to us...still...all of us can feel its grip...

there is a colossal lot of questions of the kind which keep encapsulating my mind...and i find no way out of the enigma..!!

Egressing from despondence

When everything seems to add to your despondence,
what is it that can lift your spirits?
I got riposte in abundance,
but none could be adjudged as the best

I went seeking the answer from the millions around
and then realized it was something in me only which was still bound.
But still I don't know what is it that constrains me
or may be something that coerces me
to do certain task at one hand, or renege on the other

Everything seems so tangled up at the moment.
I wish I could rootle out the cause, but I guess it's time to make a pause
and let the nature grant the insight slowly, if it cannot be an acumen...

Echoes of the mind

What sows in the psyche of a solitary being is so cryptic that the being in whose mind such thoughts are borne, is scared to express them to others to such an extent that at times his thoughts lead him to sink into the depths, whose end seems missing. There are a huge lot of folks who aren’t so well equipped so as to understand the echelon of complacency of the conundrums of birth and bereavement and this is the main reason why it becomes even more difficult for someone to express what bores in his mind. The underlying fear of being considered as lunatic, forces him to remain an underdog even when he is capable enough to rise above the bewilderments of the world.
But then, even such trepidations are not able to impede him from probing into the enigma. These puzzles have remained unsolved for so many…because the number who have made an endeavor to know what lies behind the working of this colossal fabrication, is meager ..and talking about those who have attained the sagacity to understand them , their count remains far lesser….The main reason behind this is that, those who are acquainted with the insight are deeply engrossed in it…and for them explaining their experiences to the flummoxed lot in the ordinary language is next to impossible….
Therefore for someone who yearns to know the reality will have to bash himself into the reality…
So true yet so befuddling…!!